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Services include performance and wellbeing support tailored for athletes, individuals who want to achieve their exercise goals, coaches, teams and organizations.

Boxing Session

1-1 Sport & Exercise Psychology Consultancy

Whether you are an athlete, a coach or you want to reach your exercise goals, you can benefit from sport and exercise psychology. Some examples include: improving motivation, becoming more committed to your goals, creating new habits, managing stress, dealing with injuries, improving confidence and self-esteem, and increasing self-awareness. Whatever it is, we can work together to reach your performance goals and improve your experience.

The consultancy will start with an intake assessment to get an understanding of your current situation, needs and end goal(s). We will create a bespoke action plan together that will fit your needs, and we will review and reflect on the process regularly. The intake assessment may include observation sessions and discussions with your support team.

Basketball Practice

Team Sport & Exercise Psychology Consultancy

The group consultancy aims to work with a whole team to improve the group’s performance and effectiveness, and the members’ experience within the team. Together we can work on areas such as team profiling, team cohesion, communication, leadership, creating a team vision, setting team goals, team culture and team values.

The consultation may also include observations during training and/or competitions, as well as tailored group workshops.

Girls Soccer Team with Coach

Group Workshops

Group educational workshops are an effective way to introduce sport and exercise psychology concepts, mental skills and tools (e.g., resilience and overcoming setbacks, confidence, commitment, motivation, creating new habits, stress and performing under pressure) to organisations, sport teams and clubs, gyms, academies, schools, and universities.

The workshops are interactive, include discussions and practical tasks, and relevant resources are provided at the end. The focus, location and length of each workshop is tailored on your team’s needs and availability. 

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